Monet's Botanical Garden Building Blocks Set with LED Light

It is not only a perfect homoe decoration but a great gift for kids and adults.



【Design concept】Monet dyed the house emerald green, with a cluster of flowers in front of the door. The house and flowers are synonymous with his happiness, with green vines surrounding the room, green doors and windows, and floral patterns. May Monet's flower house replicate beauty and convey happiness
【Details】French romantic garden Monet flower house, green house, flowers in front of the door, indoor chaise loungers, flowers succulent plants, side opening and closing design can be 180° expansion, into the small world of flowers, two lights doubly bright.
【Perfect Decor】Simulation florist model design is a perfect decoration for houses, rooms, and offices, etc.This is a collectible model building, great for home decor.
【Promote Education】Parents can built it with their kids to complete the project.Relax and immerse in the process of building this model.
【Premium Quality】The product is made of high-quality ABS materials which are durable and eco-friendly.It has a total of 867 pcs small particle blocks.
【Ideas Gifts】A great unique gift for moms, friends, girlfriends, boys, teachers during the holidays, it full of meaning, suitable for any occasion like Christmas, Birthday party, Mother's Day, Easter, Halloween, Hanukkah, exquisite gift box, showcasing sincerity,
【After-Sales Service】As the particles are small, please keep them properly. Each of our product packages needs to go through three tests to be confirmed. If your kit is still missing, please contact us.